Series of Abu Tira attacks in S Darfur camp leave 1 dead, 4 injured

Three members of the Central Reserve Forces (Abu Tira) carried out a series of attacks in a South Darfur camp, leaving one dead and four critically injured. Sources said the police refused to go to the crime scene claiming the Abu Tira are “undisciplined” forces.

Sheikh Kamaruddin Ali Mohamed of camp Otash near Nyala, told Radio Dabanga the Abu Tira invaded the site’s Center 8 on Thursday at 10:00pm and remained there until 1:00am. During the whole time residents claimed to hear gunshots being fired.

Several displaced were said to be beaten and looted by the insurgents, including Hussein Hassan Abdullah, Idris Musa Khamis and Ahmed Mohamed Ishaq. They were reportedly stabbed and had their money and mobile phones stolen.

All three critically wounded victims pressed charges at the police station before being carried to a hospital in Nyala where they were operated.

However, the sheikh said the police refused to go to the crime scene because Abu Tira are “undisciplined” and they received orders from high level officials not to question them.

Before leaving the camp at 1:00am the displaced Mahmoud Mohammed Ishaq, who runs a shop inside his house, was shot dead by the three insurgents as he reacted to a robbery attempt.

Ishaq's brother, who tried to defend him, ended up shot on his chest and shoulder. He was taken to a Nyala hospital to be operated.