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Security Service detains civil activists in Siyyah area, North Darfur

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AL FASHER (8 Jan.) - The Security Service arrested two civil activists, Duma Rahama and Zakaria Adam Youssif from Siyyah and Milleet. They took them to El Fasher for questioning. The arrests were made in attempt to silence the two civil activists and to dissuade them from unveiling attacks by Chadian forces against innocent civilians in the region.

Spokesman for the Siyyah Association, Mohammad Yusuf told Radio Dabanga that the arrests were meant as a warning message. It intimidates the local population and curbs any potential efforts to unveil the massive violations that took place in the region. Yusuf appealed to international organizations and the United Nations to help rescue those populations who have been suffering on daily basis from instability and semi starvation. The last weeks Chadian Opposition Forces attacked systematicaly villages in North Darfur.