Security harassment prevents goods from reaching Darfur's Kalma camp

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KALMA CAMP (17 Apr .) - The traders in the market of Kalma Camp estimated the value of the food materials that have been prevented by the security apparatus from entering the camp since February and have been confiscated by it to be around 350 million Sudanese pounds.

A displaced person told Radio Dabanga the security authorities excused the confiscation by saying that the traders did not have a trading license to bring in the goods. He also revealed that a committee of traders from Kalma Camp informed the UNAMID, which failed to bring back the confiscated goods.

The Mission also promised to compensate them with money which still didn’t happen. The displaced person considered the confiscation an attempt to starve the people of the camp and happened at a time when the relief rations were decreased. He pointed to the difficulty in getting food material inside the camp besides the increase in price and said that the displaced people are forced to go walking to the adjacent Baleel Market.