S. Darfur ‘violent’ tribal clashes: 4 killed, 6 villages burnt -sources

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KATILA (1 Mar .) - Dispute over land ownership between two South Darfur tribes led to “violent” tribal clashes that killed four people, wounded another four and left six villages burnt on Thursday morning.

The tribes Al-Guimir and Wa’al Beni Halba collided at 11:00am and both sides used “all kinds of weapons”, eyewitnesses informed Radio Dabanga.

Sheikh Abdullah Dou al-Baid said the four fatal victims belong to the Al-Guimir tribe. Their names are Jaran Neby Adam Yousef, Hussein Suleiman Grad, Idriss Abu Shanab and Wa Hassan Dugul Suvit.

The Beni Halba and Jogoma villages were fully burned, according to the sheikh, who added that Batikha and four other small communities were partially destroyed by fire.

Fighting ceased following the deployment of the Sudanese army to the area, which divided the warring parties into two large groups, sources say.

A member of the Beni Halba tribe confirmed to Radio Dabanga that four of his comrades were killed in the hostilities. He added that another two were wounded.

Citizens from Katila, the capital of the Al-Guimir tribes, told Radio Dabanga they buried three bodies found in Batikha.

They claim that although hostilities reached a standstill, the situation in the area remains tense and that civilians were evacuated to nearby villages.

“300 people left Jogoma and Batikha to Katila, located north of these villages, traveling on horse carts”, sources said, adding the villages set ablaze are still burning.