Rival Misseriya clans sign reconciliation deal in West Kordofan state

February 15, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - Two clans of the Misseriya tribe, Awlad Omran and al-Zyoud Monday have signed a reconciliation document in West Kordofan state following mediation efforts led by a local committee from the Rizeigat tribe.

283 tribesmen were killed and hundreds others injured in fighting that broke out between the two clans over land dispute in West Kordofan state in 2014.

Leaders of the Awlad Omran and al-Zyoud have signed the final reconciliation document which was witnessed by the chief of the Rizeigat tribe and head of the mediation committee in the presence of the governors of East Darfur state and West Kordofan state.

Sudan’s minister of decentralized governance Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, who addressed the reconciliation meeting, underscored the government seriousness to end tribal conflicts and achieve peaceful coexistence among the various tribes.

For his part, the governor of East Darfur state Anas Omer said the reconciliation would have a significant positive impact on the social relations among Misseriya clans, pointing the reconciliation would neither be guarded by the government nor the law but by the two clans.

“We will work around the clock until the recommendations [of the reconciliation document] are being implemented on the ground and we will not rest until we achieve development across West Kordofan”, he added.

The governor further pointed that the recommendations of the reconciliation document provide the bases for peace and peaceful coexistence between the two clans, saying the success of the agreement lies in the implementation of those recommendations.

The head of the mediation committee, Mahmoud Musa Madibu, for his part praised the delegations of the two clans, saying they helped the committee to end the conflict.