Repeated bombing of hospital in South Sudan. 3 killed, 5 wounded.

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Friday afternoon, 23 October, the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) run hospital in Yei, South Sudan, was again hit by bombs from a Government of Sudan Antonov airplane. Three civilians were killed and five were wounded.
At 13.45 hrs an Antonov attacked the town of Yei, and it lasted until 14.30. Seven bombs were launched. Six fell outside the hospital, but the seventh hit the centre for handicraft close to the hospital and killed and wounded the civilians grinding their grain.

This is once again a serious act of terror. It shows the will of the Khartoum regime to systematically braking any international convention and rules of warfare, says Secretary General of Norwegian People's Aid, Halle Jørn Hanssen. This was the seventh time this year that NPA-run projects in Yei has been hit by bombs from the Government of Sudan. So far in 1998, 21 people has been killed and 54 wounded.

The bombraid was initiated few hours after the NPA Secretary General, Halle Jørn Hanssen, had sent a letter to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to request the government of Norway to bring forward to UN the repeated attacks from the Government of Sudan on civilian targets in South Sudan.

Norwegian People's Aid resident representative in South Sudan, Mr. Lars Johan Johnsen, arrived Yei an hour after the attack, together with the programme coordinators Svein Olsen and Claudio Feo from the NPA Headquarters in Oslo. No one of NPA staff was struck by the attack.

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