Relief Solutions conducts security assessment in Sudan

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Relief Solutions, the US based organization, recently conducted a security assessment for the American Refugee Committee's (ARC) humanitarian mission in southern Sudan. The assessment concentrated on ARC's operations involving assistance to displaced people in the south of Sudan.
While the almost two decade long civil war in Sudan has created an environment of intense instability, recent attacks from Ugandan rebels hiding in southern Sudan pose the most significant threat to humanitarian operations in the region. The Lords Resistance Army and West Nile Bank Front rebels operating in Sudan have increased the humanitarian need in the past few weeks by forcing thousands of people to flee their homes for safer areas along the Sudan-Uganda border. These groups are particularly ruthless and terroristic in their actions, and the proximity of their movement routes to the displaced camps frequented by humanitarian relief agencies poses significant, but manageable risk to those working in the area.

As part of the 10-day assessment, Relief Solutions conducted several security awareness and training briefings and discussions for the ARC staff working in southern Sudan. According to Scott Custer, the executive director of Relief Solutions, "The key to security in high-risk environments such as southern Sudan is understanding the threats and vulnerabilities through increased situational awareness, and taking proactive steps to reduce one's risk while maintaining an understanding of the actions necessary to react to various threats should the need arise."

Relief Solutions was founded in 2000 by suitably qualified personnel experienced in working with non-governmental organisations in high risk areas throughout the world. It is a non-profit organization with offices in Washington DC and the United Kingdom.

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