Refugees around Tawila harassed by Janjaweed

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TAWILA (1 May .) - The displaced people in Tawila camps complained of the deteriorating security in the camps. They blamed members of the militias known locally as ‘Abu Tira,’ which are stationed in the area.

One of the displaced people told Radio Dabanga that some of the members from the Abu Tira forces, especially the intoxicated members, threaten the citizens and abuse the women and do not pay for the things that they buy. Additionally, they move around with their weapons inside the camps and markets and open fire with their guns in the evenings and nights inside and around the camps which leads to a state of tension and fear among the residents of the camps.

In one specific incident, members from the forces of Abu Tira in Tawila in North Darfur attacked the displaced man Ibrahim Idriss. He had to be transferred to the hospital after the attack. The son of the victim told Radio Dabanga that five members from Abu Tira attacked his father who was working in his farm near camp Rwanda. They beat him with the end of a rifle which sent him into a state of unconsciousness. The son pointed out that after his father was taken to the hospital, tests revealed that he suffered from a fracture in his arm and leg.