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Recovery, Return & Reintegration (RRR) Sector Mission Report: Rapid Joint-Assessment Mission to to Dafag, Randoom Locality, South Darfur (January, 2018)



The mission, its preparation and follow-up relies on the methodology listed below:

  1. Desk review, UNHCR rapid assessments and key informant interviews prior to mission to formulate and adapt adequate assessment tools.

  2. Briefing meetings with local Authorities, Community Leaders and representatives of the returnees in both Songo Admin unit and Dafag villages.

  3. Community meetings and mixed focus group discussions with community leaders and representatives.

  4. Technical sub-group discussions and key informant interviews on relevant themes (water, health, education, youth, food security and livelihoods, shelter and nonfood items) following the group discussions.

  5. Focus group discussions with women, youth and elderly.

  6. General observations and overview of living condition.

  7. Mission de-brief with all mission participants.

  8. Drafting, review, publication of report.

  9. Informing of government, local authorities and returnee communities of mission findings.