Rapid needs assessment report: South Darfur state - Locations of Kass, Kailek, Kabum and Kalma camp


Assessment Team Members:
Ahemed Abbo
Ammna El Aagib
Gregory Brady
Mohamed Tom
Mohamed Gabir
James Oilor
Dr. El Wali Abdul Salam

According to various reports half of Darfur's 6 million people are directly affected by the conflict. More than 700,000 people have been internally displaced in the past year as a result of the continued conflict, thousands of villagers fled their villages, several villages burned, wiped out and thousands of lives lost.

In response to the escalating crisis in Darfur, a CARE Sudan assessment team- composed of seven staff members with varied backgrounds namely: health and nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, education, protection, safety and security -visited South Darfur State to gather information on the humanitarian situation and to undertake rapid field assessments in as many locations as time and access permitted. Between 21st - 30th March 2004, the team conducted several meetings with the Humanitarian Assistance Commission (HAC), international and national humanitarian agencies, the UN Agencies and the related government institutions in Nyala. CARE's Assessment team was able to visit four areas where populations of displaced persons were concentrated. These respectively were Kass, Kailek, Kabum and Kalma Camp.


1. Gain an understanding of the humanitarian situation in Darfur State. Carryout assessments in specific areas and gain area specific information about affected populations.

2. Identify present and future needs and identify possible interventions .


The team used various techniques to assess the situation in the areas visited. These techniques included direct observation and both interviews and focus group discussions with the local authorities, the displaced persons and the host communities. Secondary data from UN and international agencies was also used.


The team visited four locations which are Kass town, Kailek, Kabum and Kalma camp.

  • Kass Town is the administrative center of Kass Locality and is located 86 kilometers west of Nyala. Kass is one of the nine South Darfur localities and it is composed of three Administrative Units (Shattaya, Kass and Janoub El Jabel). The total population of the locality is 365,000 persons and is dominated by the Fur tribe.

  • Kailek is one of the main Shattaya villages within Kass and had a total population of 5000 persons. The Shattaya Administrative Unit has been seriously affected by the conflict with all 23 ethnic Fur villages being completely displaced to Kass Town, Nyala and Kailek, etc.

  • Kabum is an administrative unit in Ed EL Firsan Locality of South Dar Fur State, with a total population of 129,000 with the dominant Arab tribe (Bani Halba). Around 6,000 persons are displaced to this area from the areas of Wadi Saleih.

  • Kalma is the only official camp of war affected people in South Dar Fur, 17 kilometers East Nyala, with a total population of 7,056 as of March 28, 2004.

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