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Rapid Inter-Agency Assessment Mission Report to Abu Jabra, Abu Matarig and El Ferdos of East Darfur State, 10-11 May 2016



  • In February 2016, HAC commissioner in Ed Deain informed the humanitarian community of the arrival of South Sudanese (SS) in Khor Omer IDP camp in Ed Deain. The arrivals of SS were reported in March 2016 by HAC and SRCS in the different localities of East Darfur State. Due to inaccessibility to these areas, the humanitarian assessment was delayed until 10-11 May 2016.

  • The inter-agency assessment mission was led by OCHA and HAC. The participants in the mission are WFP, UNICEF, UNHCR, UMCOR, ARC, SRCS, SMoH and WES (Water, Environment and Sanitation).

  • PURPOSE: To assess the humanitarian situation of the refugees from South Sudan in the areas of Abu Jabra, Abu Matarig and El Ferdos

  • The mission took a round trip from:

Ed Deain to Abu Jabra ( Abu Jabraa is 106 Km SE of Ed Deain),

Abu Jabra to Abu Matarig ( Abu Matarig is 63 Km W of Abu Jabra),

Abu Matarig- El Ferdos (El Ferdos is about 55 Km west of Abu Matarig

El Ferdos –Ed Deain (Ed Deain is about 60 Km E of El Ferdos).

  • The mission was escorted by UNAMID.

  • In each location the mission met with the authorities (the commissioner of the locality ( in Abu Jabra) or/and the executive directors, technical staff, local community and the refugees.


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