QRC Helps Open Humanitarian Corridors in Latakia Countryside

from Qatar Red Crescent Society
Published on 21 Jun 2015 View Original

As part of its constant humanitarian efforts inside Syria as an internationally recognized humanitarian organization with legal protection, Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) has supported the project of paving roads to open humanitarian corridors in Latakia countryside, at a total cost of more than $30,000 The recent escalation in Syrian coastal regions has resulted in huge displacement towards adjacent frontier territories. The open main roads were subject to raids, so the IDPs resorted to steep byways, which were then attacked and blocked.

Now, movement along these roads is very risky, and transportation of the injured is no In the face of this tragic situation, an emergency appeal was issued to open safe ​ humanitarian corridors in Latakia countryside by removing the barriers and paving the roads, to enable the IDP movement and transportation of the inured.

In response, QRC's relief staff visited the region to examine the situation and identify needs.
After meetings with civil defense and local organizations, an intervention plan was developed, including the provision of 30,000 liters of fuel for the trucks and machinery used to pave the roads, at a cost of QR 23,205.

Also, five dump trucks were rented to remove the blockages, with regular full maintenance.
Over one month, the project covered a total of 19-km byways.

Two engineers were assigned to supervise the workflow and make progress reports. QRC paid QR 7,000 as incentives to the workers for their voluntary work.

QRC is one of the active humanitarian organizations working inside Syria, conducting dozens of special projects in favor of the communities affected by the four-year Syrian crisis.
The latest of these projects was enhancing the 2015 wheat season crop in northern Syria, to ensure food security and reactivate the stalled economy, with total funding of $245,000 (QR 890,881) from QRC.