Qatar Charity Launches Massive Development Project in Darfur

al-Ka'bi: "We aim at securing stability, development and food security for the people of Darfur.

Qatar Charity has launched a massive project to improve the lives of affected people in Darfur at a cost of QR. 4 million. It covers all aspects of relief and contributes to food security and development of the southern and western provinces of the region. It is expected that some 65000 people will get benefit from this great project.

It is a multi-purpose project. The Qatari government contributed to half of its value, i.e. QR.2 Mn.and Qatar Charity also has provided two million. It has come after a visit made to the region by Qatari delegation, comprising representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatari charities and humanitarian institutions to determine the actual needs of Darfur in aspects of development and relief, in the context of contributing to the achievement of peace and stability milieu in Darfur and to encouraging the voluntary return of its inhabitants.

Field Office in the Southern part of Darfur

In a press statement, Mr. Nasser Muhammad al-Ka'bi, Qatar Charity board member, said: " Qatar Charity has two offices in Sudan, the first main branch was opened in Khartoum in 1994 and the other branch was opened in Nyala, South Darfur in 2006.This, in fact, helps the Charity to supervise all relief and developmental projects, in addition to the present project aiming to improve the lives of affected people in Darfur."

Project Activities

Mr. al-Ka'bi explained that: "The relief activities of the 18-month massive project includes providing food to 300 families, such as the provision of food parcels containing food supplies as lentils, beans, sugar, oil, et.. and necessary needs of non-food items to 323 families such as kitchen utensils, blankets, mosquito nets, tents, tarpaulins, mats and so on. The project aims to improve the lives of affected people in Darfur and to secure food security. It will further include (1) training 20 people on agricultural guidance and taking care of animals, (2)training 3,000 farmers on the latest agricultural and income-generating project management ,in addition to the reclamation of more than 10,000 acres of land in favor of 1000 families."

He furthermore mentioned that: "The project will focus on income-generating projects such as sheep breeding, providing carts for the benefit of 200 families, grain mills for 20 target areas, i.e. for 300 families. More attention will concentrated on sanitation and water via digging 40 new water wells. "

Mr. al-Ka'bi reviewed the humanitarian circumstances that dictate to Qatar Charity to implement such massive project in Darfur, among them: 2.000.000 displaced persons, bad agricultural situation, shortage in animals, and no stability and so on. This also supports the Sudanese Government efforts in the region.

He finally said: "Qatar Charity will carry out this project via its offices in Nyala and Khartoum in association with the Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to local and global (FAO) organizations."

He urged philanthropists in Qatar to double and increase their help and donation to such important humanitarian projects.

Six Years of Achievements :

Qatar Charity gave priority to projects in Sudan due to drought and shortage in different capabilities. During the past six years, Qatar Charity has been able to fund various projects in the fields of family, women and children, education and income-generating projects worth up to QR. 8 million, which benefited about 500, 000 people.

During the last few years, Qatar Charity built three schools, offered 34 university scholarships, distributed 1545 bags and carried out school food project via offering daily meals to 4520 students in association with FAO and local educational authorities, in addition to building four Mosques, each for 800 persons.

Other activities included:

  • sponsoring 626 orphans
  • sponsoring 20 needy families
  • distributing 18 tons of dates to the poor and orphans
  • distributing 2366 tons of foodstuffs in cooperation with FAO for the benefit of 105.000 displaced people
  • around 276.000 persons benefited from Udhiya(sacrifice)and Zakat-ul Fitr
  • enabling so many people to depend on themselves via income-generating projects such as cattle breeding, poultry ,tools for some crafts and sewing machines

Additional achievements included:

  • digging 58 water wells
  • rehabilitating 60 wells
  • fixing 55 coolers
  • water closets at schools
  • This project provides:
  • 620 small income -generating projects
  • training for 3000 farmers
  • reclamation of 10.000 acres of land
  • aid for 620 families

The Charity's Achievements during the last six years in Darfur:

  • Spending QR 8.000.000.on financing developmental and relief projects.
  • Some 500.000 persons benefited from the above-mentioned projects.
  • Building three schools and four Mosques.
  • Sponsoring around 620 university students.
  • Digging and rehabilitating about 120 water wells.