Qatar Charity carries out largest relief intervention for Sudan flood victims

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Qatar Charity (QC) carried out the largest relief intervention to benefit those affected by the torrents and floods in Sennar State, Sudan, providing shelter and food aid to the victims.

The field teams of Qatar Charity managed to reach out to the affected, using ferries and boats after the land roads had been cut off due to the rains, torrents and floods that hit Sudan badly.

The Wali (governor) of Sinnar Al-Mahi Muhammad Suleiman, described Qatar Charity’s convoy, “as very large and unprecedented”, which brought aid to the affected population in the state.

Al-Mahi thanked the leadership and people of Qatar for contributing to easing the plight of those affected by the flooding, praising the efforts made by Qatar Charity.

The convoy was part of the "Peace for Sudan” campaign to support those affected by torrents and floods. Some 1,200 food baskets, 2,400 blankets and 200 tents were provided for the affected during the first phase.

Qatar Charity had previously sent hundreds of tons of food and shelter aid to Sudan. The fifth plane will arrive in Khartoum within the next two days, along with a ship carrying almost 330 tons of aid for those affected by the floods, which will arrive in Port Sudan soon.