Protocol between the Govt. of the Sudan, SLM/A and the Justice and Equality Movement on the enhancement of the security situation in Darfur in accordance with the N'Djamena agreement

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1. We, the Government of the Sudan (hereinafter the GoS), on one hand, the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) [hereinafter the SLM/A-JEM], on the other, henceforth referred to as the Parties, meeting in Abuja, Nigeria, under the auspices of the African Union (AU), as part of the efforts to find a lasting solution to the conflict in Darfur;

2. Expressing our utmost concern over the repeated violations of the relevant provisions of the Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement, signed in N'djamena, Chad, on 8 April 2004 [hereinafter the N'djamena Agreement], and the prevailing insecurity in Darfur, notably the persistent attacks and other abuses against civilians and their property and livelihood;

3. Condemning all acts of violence against civilians and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law;

4. Cognizant of the need to restore confidence in Darfur, as part of the efforts to facilitate the voluntary return of the refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), alleviate the plight of the civilian population and create conditions for a lasting and comprehensive settlement of the conflict in Darfur;

5. Reiterating our commitment to the N'djamena Agreement, including the appended Protocol on the Establishment of Humanitarian Assistance in Darfur, the Agreement on the Modalities for the Establishment of the Ceasefire Commission (CFC) and the Deployment of Observers in Darfur, signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 28 May 2004 [hereinafter the Addis Ababa Agreement] and the Protocol on the improvement of the Humanitarian situation in Darfur, signed in Abuja on 9 November 2004;

6. Reaffirming our commitment to the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and independence of the Sudan;

7. Recalling the spirit and letter of resolutions 1556 (2004) and 1564 (2004) adopted by the UN Security Council on 30 July and 20 September 2004, respectively, as well as relevant AU decisions, including the Communiqué adopted by the 18th meeting of the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the AU, held on 20 October 2004;

8. Recognizing that the magnitude of the crisis in Darfur is such that it requires sustained assistance and engagement by the international community and, in this regard, expressing our appreciation for its efforts to alleviate the humanitarian plight and promote lasting peace and security in Darfur;

9. Welcoming the leadership and the engagement of the African Union, including its decision to strengthen its Mission in the Sudan (CFC/AMIS), to provide more effective support to the efforts aimed at restoring peace and security in Darfur, and expressing our commitment to fully cooperate with the AU to that end;

10. Recording our agreement to address humanitarian issues, security issues, political questions, as well as economic and social affairs, in the course of the Inter-Sudanese Peace Talks on the crisis in Darfur;

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