Prices keep rising in Darfur

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Nyala ( 4 Jan.) - There are reports of continuing high increases in the prices of consumer goods across villages and towns in the three states of Darfur.

A witness in Al Lait Jar Al Nabi locality in North Darfur, said that people are struggling to buy every day food items. A kilogram of lamb has reached 30 Sudanese Pounds.

In Nyala, reports said a two kilogram box of onions rose from 340 Sudanese pounds to 400. There is also a shortage of bread because of the raised price of flour.

Fuel prices also continue to rise with a gallon of gas costing 30 Sudanese pounds. Witnesses said there were long queues at gas stations due to regulation by security authorities. Cars were only allowed a daily maximum of two gallons.

A number of traders attributed the price rises to the late arrivals of commercial trucks, being heavily blockaded by security forces along the route from Khartoum to Nyala.