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Press conference by SRSG Haile Menkerios on the end of the Mission


Opening Remarks

SRSG Haile Menkerios: Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the press corps, thank you for coming here today for this final press conference on the UN’s work in support of the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. I will make a few brief opening remarks, and the floor will then be opened to your questions.

In two days, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Interim Period, started six years ago to bring to an end one of the deadliest and longest conflict in Africa, will come to a close. A lot of ground has been covered by the peace process since 2005. Overall, the Government of Sudan and the Sudan’s People Liberation Movement must be commended for having largely succeeded in implementing the CPA, and for the progress they have made in establishing the foundations for long term peace and stability between North and South Sudan.