President Al-Bashir affirms government commitment to negotiate for reaching peaceful solution for Darfur issue

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Khartoum, Nov. 12 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed the government commitment to negotiate to achieve a peaceful solution that will uproot the conflict in Darfur, within the framework of the united and sovereign Sudan and in compliance with the supreme national interest. In his address Wednesday at the Friendship Hall by the end of the Forum of the People of Sudan on Darfur, President Al-Bashir agreed on increasing the number of the states in Darfur, indicating that he will conduct consultations toward formulating a committee to carry out studies in this regard and to provide the proper recommendations. He directed the states to reconsider the distribution of localities to boost the realization of peace and social peace and to guarantee the participation of citizens in the administration of their areas. President Al-Bashir agreed on the principle of collective and individual compensations for the affected citizens provided that the concerned authorities are to provide precise and accurate lists of the displaced people and refugees. He announced that the state has assigned 40 million Sudanese pounds to be paid as compensations to the affected people, adding that more funds will be included in the coming general budgets. He pointed out that the state is committed to provide considerable services in the education, health, water, agriculture, livestock breeding and other fields at the home villages and areas of the displaced people and refugees to support their voluntary repatriation and settlement. President Al-Bashir said that committees of the Forum of the People of Sudan on Darfur Issue will be formed to make contacts with the armed movements that did not sign peace agreements so as to encourage them to take part in the coming peace negotiations. He added that national delegations will be dispatched to Darfur states to acquaint with the recommendations of the forum and the ongoing efforts to realize reconciliation and peace.