The Pope, a Prince, The Prime Minister and Film Stars adopt a village in Darfur!

Not everyone has forgotten Darfur! Out of sight a miracle is happening! In a village adopted by Kids for Kids, some of the most deprived children in the world are no longer facing malnutrition and a bleak future, thanks to 89 of the most famous people in the world, including The Prince of Wales, The Pope, The Prime Minister, actors, artists and politicians. All have donated pictures which they had drawn themselves and which were sold for over £53,000! Mugabil, a small village of 1,654 people in the middle of North Darfur, is our 60th village - thanks to pictures of goats and donkeys! Mugabil has just 256 families. The wind howls through the walls of the huts, and water is only available from a small hafir in the winter months. There are no handpumps. In the summer people walk miles to reach water. There is no school, medical help, veterinary care, latrines and most people do not own even a blanket. There is no electricity, no mobile phone coverage. The nearest school is 5 miles away. It is 45 miles to the capital El Fasher and there is no road. It would be difficult to imagine poorer people. But all this is about to change thanks to the kind hearted celebrities who helped us!

Please can you help us to adopt more villages? For 10 years Kids for Kids how to make bring lasting changes by helping people to help themselves. People in Darfur are not asking for charity. They are asking for sustainable help to give their children a good start in life. The children of Darfur are the most deprived in the world. They need our help. The region is struggling with unimaginable - and inexcusable - poverty. Inflation in Darfur is soaring. People cannot afford to feed their families.

Kids for Kids is one of the most effective organisations in Darfur, with an impressive record of bringing real change to the lives of countless children. We can help, if you will help us. Donating just one goat makes a big difference in Darfur.