Policemen killed in Sudan's East Darfur

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 06 Dec 2013 View Original


Two policemen were killed and three others wounded on Thursday evening in the area of Dar Es Salaam in Abu Karinka locality in East Darfur.

Mohamed Ahmed Ali Ajaballah, member of the Legislative Council of East Darfur, told Radio Dabanga a group of Rizeigat tribesmen in cars and on camels and horses followed a trail to the area of Dar Es Salaam. They were searching for ‘people’ allegedly having killed one of their men. A police unit arrived by car from Abu Karinka to search for the same offenders. Ajaballah said that the Rizeigat started shooting the police car, killing two policemen and injuring three others. They also destroyed the car.

The secretary general of the East Darfur government, Ahmed Mohamed El Dud, has confirmed the incident. He attributed the killing of a Rizeigat tribesman by the Ma’alia people.

The Rizeigat went after them until a Ma’alia village. When they asked for the handover of the body of the killed man and the culprits, the police car arrived. El Dud says that the East Darfur security forces intervened to restore law and order.