NRC Humanitarian Snapshot May 2022: Post conflict Rapid Needs Assessment Kreinik, West Darfur – April 30th-May 2nd 2022



Between April 22nd and 25th 2022, conflict escalated in West Darfur. Brutal attacks on the town of Kreinik’s and surrounding villages led to major civilian casualties and destruction. Reports indicate that 165 to 200 people were killed, including at least 21 children. Armed violence affected 16 villages across Kreinik locality, including five that were completely burnt down and looted. Terrorised population was forced to flee, mainly into Kreinik town. As of May 5th 2022, reports estimate that more than 86,700 people have been forcibly displaced and are seeking shelter in the makeshift settlements of Kreinik gathering sites.

Most families affected by the recent conflict in Kreinik town had been displaced in a previous episode of violence in December 2021. At that time, conflict in Kreinik had killed more than 65 people and displaced more than 58,000 people. A large number of the town’s shelters and neighbourhood had also been burnt and partially burnt.

The attacks in Kreinik occurred in the backdrop of renewed conflict in the broader Darfur region. In 2021 already 422,000 people were displaced by conflict in Darfur. during the year.