NRC Humanitarian Snapshot July 2022: Post-conflict Rapid Needs Assessment Kulbus, West Darfur –14, 19-23 June 2022



Recent inter-tribal violence between the Guimr and the Arab cattle herders/Abbala erupted on 6 June 2022 in the Northern part of Kulbus locality in Dar Moqtaa in West Darfur. An altercation over farmland ownership between two members of the different groups abruptly escalated into widespread violence. Within a few days, Arab cattle herders/Abbala and associated armed groups attacked Guimr’s villages, killing 88 civilians according to initial reports and burning a belt of 25 villages. In particular, homes, main markets (specifically Kedeida and Umhurais markets), livestock and food stocks were burnt down. Two inter-agency rapid needs assessments conducted (14th of June 2022 and 19th-23rd June 2022) in the affected locations indicated that at least 33,000 individuals (6,600 households) were displaced by conflict in Kulbus and in West Darfur state, while IOM DTM indicates that about 17,295 individuals fled to and settled in North Darfur1.

The attacks in Kulbus occurred in the backdrop of renewed conflict in the broader Darfur region. During the first half of 2022, the number of attacks accelerated, forcing more than 107,700 people to flee 2.