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Killings and other Violations in Darfur by Sudan army and militias

Elhadi Ahmed Tarjook (39) and Musa Ahmed Tarjook (42) were shot dead in front of their house in Zamzam IDP camp, south of El Fasher, at 1.00am on Wednesday 30 April 2014 by an armed person who is believed to be from the Sudanese army. He was said to be drunk when he carried out the crime.

On Thursday May 1st, two children in Abu Shouk IDP camp were stopped by a group of PDF, Reserve Police and Janjaweed, who searched them for money and other valuables. The children happened to be carrying a gallon of petrol which they were bringing to their father at the other end of the camp. When nothing was found on them, the group poured the petrol on the children and set them on fire. People who were nearby came to their rescue and took them to El Fasher Hospital where one the children died and other is still in the hospital.

On Thursday May 1st, an army contingent based in Tabit, south of El Fasher was using heavy artillery against an alleged attack by the rebels. One shell dropped on a hut injuring two women and burning the hut. Nourelsham Musa Abuelgasim (20) who was pregnant was trapped inside the hut and burned to ashes, with all the goods within the hut.

On Tuesday 6 May at 11:00 a.m. Alnazeer Mohammed Ahmed, 27 years old, a butcher in Nyala, Souq Almawashi, was hit by a drunken Janjaweed militia member driving a land cruiser. The incident cut off his leg and he died later in hospital. No case has been reported to the police; meanwhile the perpetrator was taken to army headquarters in Nyala by the military police.

SUDO requests to Government to investigate each incident thoroughly and to arrest and bring to justice the perpetrators of these violations. This is the only way to stop such atrocities against civilians.