NFI Flood Response| Update (Aug.30 - Sept.03 2020)


General updates

• Overall, the flood situation in Sudan is the worst in the past century, affecting over 50,000 families or an estimated 496,500 individuals across 17 states. Khartoum has also declared a state of emergency given the rising water level.

• Floods and rising water levels have been reported in Sinja in Sennar State along the Blue Nile – there are strong projections of increased water levels on the flood response along the Blue Nile bank for the next days.

• In a flight sponsored by UAE, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, airlifted 100 tons of plastic sheeting, blankets and sleeping mats from its warehouse in Dubai to Khartoum. They will be distributed to refugees, Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and host communities that have been severely affected by the heavy rains and floods from The purchase of the NFIs was supported by the Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SHF) for the NFI Core pipeline.

• Due to heavy rains expected over the highlands of Ethiopia and Eritrea, the river Gash is still threatening Kassala town and surrounding areas, while the situation in Khor Baraka in the Red Sea State and Butana plains as well as Khartoum State is still critical due to the levels of the White Nile.

• An estimated 49,100 households are destroyed, with some 50,200 households partially damaged (including broken walls, roofing) across Sudan. Khartoum, North Darfur, Sennar, West Kordofan, and Kassala States are the top five most affected by floods.

• The ES/NFI Sector is providing full and partial NFI kits depending on the need. The full NFI Kit includes plastic sheets, jerry cans, kitchen sets, blankets, and sleeping mats.