NFI & ES Sector Weekly Update, 11 April, 2011 - Response to New Displacements

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Armed clashes in areas close to Dar Al Salam village in the Dar Al Salam locality and in the Jebel Mara Locality in February, March and April resulted in displacement of civilian populations in Zamzam. Displacements in Zamzam and Tawila were also reported following clashes in Tabit and neighboring locations in North Darfur in the first half of February, causing displacements from Tabit, Sheria, and Negeha to Dar Al Salam, and from Tabit, Tukamari, Sortony and Shangil Tobay locations to Tawila and Zamzam.

Newly displaced households from the Hashaba and Tangarara area reported in Tawila (Rwanda - 41; Dali -1,025 and Argo -118) are awaiting confirmation by SRCS.

To date, over 5,500 households in Zamzam camp, El Fasher and the ‘catchment areas’ have been provided with NFI & ES items. The remainder are awaiting verification.

New displacements in early April, reported by OCHA in Dar Al Salam Town, Sortony and Galab villages, still need to be verified.

Armed clashes in the Jebel Mara Locality in March resulted in displacement of populations in Umm Dereasayi.