NFI & ES Sector Monthly Update # 05 North Sudan, May 2011

Situation Report
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Executive Summary

  • In May 10,738 households were supported with non-food items and emergency shelter from the NFI Common Pipeline in Darfur, of which approximately 92% were IDPs requiring rainy season replenishments, 4% were extremely vulnerable people, 3% were disaster affected populations and 1% were newly displaced households. In total 24,639 items were distributed, including 10,813 Jerry cans, 10,361 pieces of plastic sheeting, 992 pieces of women’s clothing, 904 sleeping mats, 805 cooking sets and 764 blankets.

  • WFP-LCU representatives from Khartoum participated in NFI Coordination meetings in all three Darfur states as part of the Mid-Year Review of the 2011 Humanitarian Work Plan and to partake in the distribution planning for the rainy season replenishments. WFP-LCU as Sector Lead completed and submitted to OCHA the NFI & ES Sector Response Plan for the Mid-Year Review on 31 May.

  • WFP-LCU held an extra ordinary Advisory Panel meeting attended by OCHA, WFP, WFPLCU, UNICEF and UNHCR on 2 June where two representatives from Global Emergency Group (GEG) circulated and presented the final report on the Strategic Review.

  • WFP-LCU is working closely with UNHCR on the transition of the current WFP S.O. 103422 seeking to ensure a successful transition during the third quarter of 2011.