Newly displaced families arrive at Kalma camp, S. Darfur

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KALMA CAMP (25 Feb.) - An estimated number of 1500 displaced families arrived at Kalma camp in South Darfur on Saturday and Sunday from the areas of Humayda, Gereiga, Abag Rajel, Umm Khouja, Hillat Haj Suleiman and Dreeb al Reeh.

One of the newly displaced told Radio Dabanga that they fled their villages after clashes took place last week between armed forces and the Sudan Revolutionary Front, in addition to an air strike and extensive looting and plundering of residents' livestock and properties by alleged pro-government militiamen. He added that two men arrived at the camp with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.

"No shelter, food or medicine"

Hussein Abu al-Sharati, spokesman on behalf of refugees and displaced, told Radio Dabanga that the first batch of refugees reached Kalma camp on Saturday, consisting of approximately 200 families and the second batch arrived on Sunday, consisting of 1300 families.

The newly displaced arrived from the areas of Umm Khouja, Hillat Haj Suleiman, and Dreeb al Reeh. Abu al-Sharati said that the families do not have any shelter, food or medicine. He urged humanitarian organizations to provide aid to the displaced.

Moreover, the Darfuri Lawyers' Union demanded an urgent investigation of the Sudan Air Forces’ bombing of Dreeb al Reeh area, at about 25 kilometers east of Nyala, in which three students were killed and a number of people were injured.

The Union said in a statement that the air strike destroyed private and public properties and injured several innocent civilians and urged for an immediate investigation.