New Sudan government ‘acceptable to the people’ paves way for UNAMID drawdown

The Security Council on Tuesday voted to end the hybrid UN-African Union civilian support operation for Darfur, UNAMID, beginning the drawdown on 1 January.

It marks the end of a force that can withdraw, knowing that government is now “in the right hands”, according to the UN Joint Special Representative, Jeremiah Mamabolo, although as he tells UN News in this exclusive interview it does not mean the UN is leaving.

A new assistance mission UNITAMS, will continue to support peacebuilding efforts, with most of the violence that killed some 300,000 in Darfur, and displaced millions now apparently over.

Mr. Mamabolo begin by telling Abdelmonem Makki of our UN News Arabic team - a Darfuri himself - what UNAMID had achieved since 2007, beyond fulfilling its core mandate of keeping civilians safe.

Audio Credit: Abdelmonem Makki - UN News Arabic
Audio Duration: 12'56"