Murder, rape, theft, beatings in Kutum, North Darfur

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KUTUM LOCALITY (30 Apr.) - Militiamen assaulted students sitting for their basic school exams in Kutum town in North Darfur on Monday. Residents of Kutum locality complain of continuing assaults by Janjaweed, as the “government-backed militiamen” are called in Darfur.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, residents of Kutum reported that militiamen on Monday evening simultaneously attacked students sitting for their basic school exams in the Rural Students’ Centre, and in the Western Centre for Female Students in Kutum. In both centres they beat the students and robbed them of all their money and belongings.

“12 female students sustained serious injuries. They were transferred to Kutum hospital for treatment. The next day they could do the exams in the hospital.” About the male students, the residents said that they were severely beaten in the classes of the centre that also serves as a dormitory for the rural students. “The Janjaweed robbed them of their belongings and the food they had with them. They told the students to lie down on the floor and urinated on them.”

Broken leg

Residents of the Kassab camp in Kutum locality have been forced to pay SDG500 ($87) on Sunday in compensation for the broken leg of a dog belonging to a militiaman, one of the camp residents told Radio Dabanga. The leg was broken in Fara Borno earlier that day by one of the Kassab camp residents. “The Janjaweed threatened to kill us, if we would not compensate the dog’s broken leg with SDG500.”


On the same day, a school girl (12) of Zanara village in the vicinity of Kutum town was gang-raped by four militiamen, the Kassab camp resident added.


“Last week four Janjaweed on camelback murdered Mohamedein Mohamed Ahmed, teacher and director of the Um Layouna Basic School and Abdallah Ibrahim in the village of Dar Ba,” a witness reported.

He said that the population of Kutum locality are growing weary of the daily crimes committed by the militiamen. “These Janjaweed release their livestock by force on our farmlands, they abduct, rob, and beat people as they like, without being brought to justice.”