More malaria patients in West Darfur camp

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 12 Sep 2017 View Original

Seventeen people infected with malaria were brought to the hospital in Murnei camp, West Darfur, yesterday. There are not enough medicines against malaria in the camp for displaced people, causing the prices to rise.

Reports from Murnei camp reported that the heavy rainfall affected many families in Murnei camp last week. The sheikh said “there is hardly a household in the camp with no member who been infected with malaria”.

Yesterday the sheikh said that the spread of malaria “increased significantly” at Murnei camp. He estimated that dozens of people in the camp are also infected with malaria.

Meanwhile the price of malaria pills reached SDG40 ($6) and injections amounted to SDG80 ($12).

South Darfur

People in El Salam locality in South Darfur also complained about the spread of malaria, as well as typhoid, among residents. One of the residents told Radio Dabanga that they are forced to buy medicines from health assistants, as health centres are absent.

People have to pay SDG80 for a injection against malaria, SDG25 ($3.70) for penicillin and SDG15 ($2.2) for pills against the headache.