More than 2.000 people fled Hashaba attacks

MELLIT (30 Sep .) - It was reported that more than 2.000 people who fled the recent attacks around Hashaba have arrived to Ba'ashim area, north of Mellit, North Darfur, on Sunday, 30 September.

Sources told Radio Dabanga that these people traveled for three days by foot, hiding around mountains and valleys when it was light and moving only by night. This way, sources explained, the victims could avoid being found by pro-government militias during their journey to Ba'ashim.

Witnesses said these people are suffering from fatigue, adding that they barely ate or drank anything during the three days they traveled.

Upon arrival in Ba'ashim, a remote area, most people were transfered to Mellit city where there are enough facilities to support them, sources explained.

They added that the 2.000 people who arrived in Ba'ashim represent only one fourth of the victims who fled the Hashaba attacks. Most of the victims fled to Dar Zaghawa, north of Hashaba and others fled to El-Fasher, sources pointed out.

According to witnesses accounts, Hashaba and surrounding villages saw intense aerial bombardments last Wednesday and Thursday, 26 and 27 September. In addition, pro-government militias were also accused by sources of invading the area during the same period.

The attacks allegedly resulted in more than 80 people dead or injured around Hashaba area, sources told Radio Dabanga. They added that villages were also looted and plundered.