'More than 200 people' died in South Darfur camp

Community leaders in Nyala's Otash camp for displaced people reported that more than 200 people died because of disease and a lack of food in the past three months.

Sheikhs and omdas in Otash camp, South Darfur, conducted a survey which indicated that 284 people, mostly elderly and children, died in the past three months. Results pointed out that causes of death included a deterioration in health and hygiene following the collapse of toilets.

One of the sheikhs told Radio Dabanga that also malnutrition and diseases were reported causes of death.

“The majority of the displaced people are currently using the open for toilets because of the collapse and overflowing. […] This has led to the spread of flies and unpleasant smells in the camp.”

He appealed to the authorities and organisations to intervene to solve the problem, so as not to lead to the spread of diseases, especially fevers and diarrhoea.

Newly displaced

The fighting between government forces and the SLM rebel group under the command of Abdelwahid El Nur in Jebel Marra caused tens of thousands of people to flee their homes starting March this year. More than 111 newly displaced families reached Otash camp in end April, among them children and elderly people.