Sudan + 4 more

MMC North Africa 4Mi Snapshot – October 2021: Aspirations and intended destinations of people on the move in Sudan


Sudan hosts one of the largest refugee and migrant populations in Africa (more than 1.1 million refugees and asylum seekers as of August 20211 and close to 400,000 migrants as of March 2021),2 yet there is limited research and information on the aspirations and intended destinations of this population.3 This snapshot uses 4Mi data to shed light on the topic, providing insights into the intentions, intended destinations, main factors driving destination choices and the aspirations of refugees and migrants in Sudan.

Key findings

• While most South Sudanese had reached the end of their journey, respondents of other nationalities were planning onward movements.

• Europe is the most common intended destination for interviewed refugees and migrants of most nationalities. Chadian respondents, however, intend to travel to Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

• Over the course of their journeys, the majority of respondents had not changed their intended destination.

• Economic opportunities, better living standards and respect for human rights are factors driving destination choices.

• Most interviewed refugees and migrants intend to stay permanently and apply for asylum at their final intended destination, except for Chadians.