Minister of Information says Sudan presses ahead in implementing all agreements in cooperation with AU and UN

Cairo, June 20 (SUNA)- On the sidelines of the Arab Information Ministers' meeting in Cairo, the Minister of Information and Communication, Al-Zahawi Ibrahim Malik, expressed thanks to the Council of Arab Information Ministers for their concern to direct all Arab channels, radios and media to assist Sudan to face the fierce and the unjust Western information campaign that launched against Sudan. Al-Zahawi said in press statement that Sudan would go ahead steadily in implementing all internal agreements, pointing to the full cooperation of the government with the African Union and United Nations, saying there is no justifications for all these pressures against Sudan. Al-Zahawi pointed out the solution should be Sudanese and that the assistance should go in line with the Abuja agreement and working to bring the parties that did not sign Abuja agreement to the negotiating table. On Paris conference, he said that Sudan explained that it did not need new initiatives which will distance us away from the general framework and the road followed now to resolve the issue. HE/BT