Measles kills two displaced people in East Darfur

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 29 Aug 2013 View Original

ABU KARINKA / KABKABIYA (29 Aug.) - Measles reportedly claimed the lives of two people in Abu Karinka locality in West Darfur on Wednesday, where 25,000 displaced are living in harsh circumstances.

Speaking from Abu Karinka, one of the displaced told Radio Dabanga that secondary school student Tariq Ali and a woman, whose name was not immediately available, have died. “They were both positively diagnosed with measles.”

The source pointed out that “the number of displaced in the locality following the recent clashes between the Ma’alia and Rizeigat tribes has now risen to 25,000. They are living in very challenging humanitarian conditions.”

He voiced criticism of the government authorities, who he said “are not concerned”. He appealed via Radio Dabanga to humanitarian organisations to provide food and medical care for the displaced.


A woman has been injured following an alleged attack by “pro-government militiamen” in Wadi Bargo, about 3km west of Kabkabiya city.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that “the woman was tending her farm in the wadi with her young son, when several militiamen accosted her and attempted to rape her. When she resisted, they beat her with rifle butts. She suffered serious injuries to her head and chest, as well as two broken teeth.”

The witness said that the alarmed cries of her young son drew attention to the incident, which caused the militiamen to flee.