Man shot at Zam Zam camp

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Zam Zam camp - On Saturday evening a man was killed and another injured at Zam Zam internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in North Darfur.

A relative of the dead told Radio Dabanga that five gunmen believed to be belonging to Abu Tira (Central Reserve Force) forces intercepted three men on their way back from evening prayer, asking them to hand over their money and mobile phones.

The men refused to hand over their possessions and were shot at three times. Ahmed Ishaq Abu Bakr was shot in the chest and killed instantly. Another named Al Duma Adam, was seriously injured and taken to El Fasher hospital.

The relative said the gunmen stole 5,000 Sudanese pounds from the men. The incident was reported to the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) who asked for the police to be notified.

New arrivals in distress

There are reports of families living east of Zam Zam camp in El Hilla Al Jadeed (New Village) in difficult conditions as a result of the reduction of the share of food and lack of access to registration cards.

A source said the camp is receiving between three and five new people a day who are joining their families already in the camp. There is already a limited amount of food available as many organizations have pulled out.

The new arrivals are going unnoticed, causing further strain on their families who are already suffering, said the source.

There is a reluctance to talk about the living conditions however, as Abu Tira forces arrest those that voice their opinions. The source said Abu Tira accompany those organizations that do enter the camp, resulting in many IDPs not wanting to speak out about the situation.