Malha suffering from severe lack of healthcare

The locality of Malha in North Darfur is reported as experiencing a severe shortage of healthcare assistance from medical practitioners.

A citizen said there is only one doctor in a rural hospital serving the whole locality.

She also said there is only one health assistant at Jebel Issa clinic serving the four adminstrative units of Marayga, Ayn Besaro, El Harra and El Atrun.

The lack of services has led to a high number of maternal deaths recorded in Malha.

As a result, citizens decided to take matters into their own hands and formed a Popular Committee to deal with the challenges of health care.

The Chairman of the Committee Ali Ahmed Brayma said they managed to attract donations from citizens and officials to support the local hospital.

They connected the hospital to the water source in the area and refurbished the doctor's living quarters. They also built a room for emergency admissions and provided a generator.

Brayma told Radio Dabanga that the Committee calls on other localities in Darfur in similar situations to do the same and not just wait for help from NGOs and the government.

The Chairman said localities with dire health services need to take responsibility and act immediately to use public efforts to improve their own facilities.

He also suggested the government play their part and raise public awareness around health and distribute nurses and health workers to the villages and rural communities in Darfur.