Malaria and VHF Outbreak in Darfur, Sudan, Situation Report No 14: 18 January - 7 February 2016

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  • In Darfur, a total of 558 suspected Dengue fever (DF) cases including 101 deaths were reported in the period of 29th August to 5th February, 2016. Twenty four cases including 2 deaths have been added to the line list since the last reporting period.

  • In Kordofan, a total of 47 suspected cases of DF with 4 deaths were reported in the period of 17th of October 2015 to 5th February, 2016. The last case was reported on 21st of January 2016.
    Eleven localities are affected in North, West and South Kordofan. Six blood samples were found positive for DF (two in South Kordofan, three in West Kordofan and one in North Kordofan). In addition, 3 positive samples for hepatitis E in Shiekan locality of North Kordofan.

  • In Kassala state, 7 suspected cases of DF were reported in the period 23rd November to 5th February 2016. The cases were reported in Kassala town. The last case was reported on 11th January 2016. Blood samples were taken from reported cases and revealed 4 DF positive by ELISA IgM.

  • Laboratory analysis of 123 samples collected from cases, done at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Khartoum revealed 30 positive for DF (5 positive for DF in Central Darfur, 22 positive for DF in West Darfur, 1 positive for DF in North Darfur and 2 positive for DF in South Darfur). There were also 8 samples positive for West Nile virus and 1 positive for Chikungunya.
    All the samples tested negative for Yellow fever and Rift Valley Fever.