Local journalists complete UN-backed media course in Sudan

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Some 35 Sudanese media professionals have completed a United Nations-sponsored journalism training programme in the eastern city of Kassala to improve their skills in such areas as reporting, interviewing, covering elections and operating in hostile environments.

The 10-day course, organized by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), began earlier this month with a discussion of Sudan's media landscape and then focused on enhancing practical skills for journalists.

The course also covered issues ranging from the coverage of disasters and HIV/AIDS, the management of media institutions and voice delivery training for radio and television staff.

This month's course is part of the UNDP project known as Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriates, which has sponsored 32 highly qualified and professional Sudanese emigrants to return to their homeland to share knowledge and expertise with local institutions.

The returning expatriates include Mohammed Khaled, who works for the BBC Arabic Radio service in London and led this month's course.