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Islamic Relief launches urgent response as violence intensifies in Tigray, Ethiopia

As fighting intensifies in Ethiopia’s autonomous Tigray region, Islamic Relief is launching an urgent humanitarian response.

Before military clashes broke out earlier this month there were already two million people in need of humanitarian aid in the war-scarred Tigray.

That figure is now expected to double, and the violence has uprooted thousands of people so far.

Islamic Relief does not operate in Tigray, but we are poised to assist people affected by the violence who have fled to neighbouring Sudan, where we have been a lifeline since 1984.

Thousands of people have already crossed the border and if the conflict continues it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of refugees may seek safety in Sudan. They face dire conditions in camps with inadequate food, water, shelter and sanitation provision.

To help them our teams in Sudan are organising emergency interventions, with food, water, sanitation and hygiene expected to be the most pressing priorities.

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