IOM Sudan Snapshot: Multi-Sectoral Location Assessment in South Kordofan


Period Covered:Jun 01 2018 - Nov 30 2019

The Displacement Tracking Matrix’s (DTM) Multi-Sectoral Location Assessment (MSLA) is an IOM tool that provides useful information on the availability of essential services within targeted locations of interest. MSLA has been present in Sudan since 2005, generating a comprehensive and detailed data source on essential key indicators for the facilitation of humanitarian and development programmatic design and implementation: namely, population presence, shelter, food security, education, health, WASH, protection and other services. Since June 2018, DTM has been conducting location assessments across the state of South Kordofan. To date, it has covered 185 villages (locations) within three localities, namely Abu Jubaiha, Kadugli and Reif Ashargi – each exercise consisting of a visit to the location followed by the physical surveying of public infrastructure, interviews with key informants, and group discussions with affected members of the community.

The following report will provide a brief overview on DTM’s MSLA activities in each of the three localities to date. It is important to note, however, that all figures are estimations based on information given by key informants. They are thus not to be interpreted literally, as they have not been verified through direct registration, but rather serve to provide an overview of the situation as reported on the ground.