IOM Sudan - Displacement Tracking Matrix, Emergency Event Tracking: Misterei and Ag Geneina, West Darfur, Update 2: 4 August 2020

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The DTM Emergency Event Tracking (EET) is deployed to track sudden displacement and population movements, provide more frequent updates on the scale of displacement and quantify the aected population when needed. As a subcomponent of the new Mobility Tracking methodology in Sudan (Round one), and activated on a need basis, EET utilises a broad network of key informants to capture best estimates of the aected population presence per location – a useful tool for humanitarian response planning and design.

Event Overview

DTM teams activated EET to monitor the displacement of individuals aected by the ongoing violent clashes between Arab and Masalit tribes in Beida and Geneina locality, West Darfur, since 18 – 20 July 2020. For more information on the initial displacement in Geneina, please see EET Aljabaal 001. Since displacement in both Beida and Geneina is the result of the same event (recent violent clashes between the Arab and Masalit tribes), this second update provides a combined caseload of aected individuals across the two localities.

The second update estimates a total number of 6,570 individuals (1,769 households) dispersed across Misterei, Beida locality, and 13,402 individuals (2,591 households) dispersed across Ag Geneina town, Geneina locality. The majority of IDPs are sheltering in schools or other public buildings. At least 3,943 individuals (20%) report additional vulnerabilities in need of assistance and support.

Since the first EET, there has been an increase of 19,539 individuals displaced (98%) and an increase of 4,269 households displaced (98%). Tensions remain high over fears of reprisal attacks.

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