IDPs demand to end violence in Darfur

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March 26, 2013 (KHARTOUM)- Some 600 delegates called on the Sudanese government to exert the necessary efforts to end violence in Darfur region and to create a conducive environment to facilitate the return of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees.

In this two-day meeting held in Nyala, Darfur Regional Authority sought to hear the demands of the different delegates, ahead of a conference to be held in Doha where donors will be asked to give some six billions to implement recovery and development projects.

The conference, which was attended by vice-president Al-Haj Adam, urged the government to take all necessary measures to stop armed clashes and violence in Darfur where the government and rebel groups fight since ten years ago.

The participants including refugees in Chad also adopted a recommendation calling for the formation of a higher committee to implement and supervise the voluntary return and settlement of IDPs and refugees.

Since 2011 UN agencies reported that IDPs began to return home in limited number and unaccompanied manner. However, there are still some 1.8 million waiting to be repatriated to their villages.

Villagers who returned recently to their areas in North and Central Darfur states were forced to flee to the camps again due to attacks by militia groups or fighting between the Sudanese army and holdout rebel groups.

The conference also called in its final recommendations to develop plans and programs to create productive employment opportunities for young persons.

The participants also recommended to support institutions dealing with the rehabilitation of the civilians affected by the 10-year conflict and to restore the Native Administration and to enable it to play its role as civil society group to maintain security and reconciliation.

The meeting also underlined the need to activate the role of judicial organs in order to achieve justice and to ensure the rule of law in Darfur.