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Horn of Africa Bulletin, Volume 22, No. 2, FEBRUARY 2010


Kenya in the face of piracy in East Africa

Despite the efforts of the international community, piracy in East Africa continued to grow in 2009, seriously affecting the internal economic and political situation of countries in the area.

Kenya's economy is suffering from the displacement of international sea trade routes, because of its effects on import-export flows and employment; its judiciary system is overcrowded; signs of political tensions with the Somali community are also rising. In 2009 piracy attacks on ships and tankers in the Indian Ocean waters bordering Somalia and Kenya increased sharply. During the first two quarters of the year, 128 attacks were registered worldwide, with 114 having been perpetrated in East Africa1. In 2008 the epicentre of the phenomenon was concentrated in the Gulf of Aden, while the 2009 attacks have occurred further off the Somali and Kenyan eastern coast, probably because of the growing deterrence exerted by international military navies along the Persian Gulf-Bab el Mandeb sea lane.