High cost of living in IDP camps causing misery

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There are reports of the cost of living rising in camps for internally displaced people (IDP) across Darfur.

A resident of Garsila camp in the Wadi Saleh locality in Western Darfur said the high prices coupled with the decline in aid, which is at its lowest level yet, were causing increasing misery and suffering for the residents.

He said that the price of a pound of sugar now costs between two and three Sudanese pounds (SDG). A half a litre plastic bottle of cooking oil is priced at 12 SDG. A bunch of four tomatoes reached 4 SDG.

He told Radio Dabanga the situation for displaced people at Garsila was draconian, and unable for most people to fully grasp.

Children forced to work

The source said that the deteriorating economic situation has pushed children aged 10 and 11 years living in Garsila to work and beg in the market, at shops, cafes and cleaning motors.

He said some of these children were orphans who lost their parents during the war. Others were from families that couldn't afford the annual tuition fees.

Many of the children were simply described as 'hanging around' .

Malnutrition and anaemia killing a person a day

The deterioration of living conditions and high cost of living has also led to an increase in hunger related health issues such as anaemia.

An activist at Garsila said a person a day is buried as a result of dying from conditions arising from severe hunger and anaemia. Overcrowding at hospitals and lack of facilities was also causing problems.

The witness said that many families suffering from anaemia at hospitals were demanding donated blood, but the hospital started to charge a pound at the gate and 10 Sudanese pounds to meet the doctor for patients to see the doctor.

He said many were unable to afford this charge, waiting and dying at home as a result.