Health and educational services 'deteriorating' in Gereida camps

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 10 Dec 2012 View Original

GEREIDA (10 Dec.) - Displaced residents from Gereida camps in South Darfur claim to be suffering from a significant deterioration in health and educational services as well as a lack of food and security.

Displaced from Gereida camps revealed to Radio Dabanga on Friday, 7 December, that there is one doctor available in the clinic for 30 camps. They added that the camps accommodate around 131,000 families.

The camp residents are suffering from a lack of medicine and health care facilities. They pointed out to Radio Dabanga that the clinic charges 700 Sudanese pounds for a Caesarian section procedure and added that the charges are caused by the extortion of health organizations by the authorities.

Food rations

Also, the camp residents revealed that the food rations have been reduced; for example a plate of grains is distributed once a month instead of three times a month, besides the reduction in the amount of oil, salt and wheat.

Furthermore, the displaced claim that the camps are suffering from a significant lack of teachers at the twenty schools in the camps, as well as a shortage of text books. They have appealed to international organizations and the World Food Programme to 'offer a helping hand to the displaced of Gereida camps'.

At the same time, the displaced of Gereida camps have complained about the lack of security in and around the camps. They pointed out that 'pro-government militiamen' storm the camps at night, looting their belongings and sparking fear and panic among the residents.

The displaced stressed that they are confined to the camps in fear and anticipation of assault, rape, beating and looting by militants. It was added that they repeatedly reported incidents to the police and local authorities as well as UNAMID, but to no avail.

They demand the UN and other international organizations to intervene and pressure the government to put an end to these attacks.