Gunmen pillage South Darfur hospital, attack West Darfur trader

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 25 Jul 2014 View Original

ED EL FURSAN/EL GENEINA (25 Jul.) - A group of masked gunmen robbed nearly SDG 84,000 ($14,640) from Ed El Fursan hospital, the amount of the staff's monthly salaries, in South Darfur on Thursday.

An administrative officer of the locality reported to Radio Dabanga that the stolen amount of SDG 83,867 is the staff’s monthly salaries meant for Eid El Fitr, the celebration of the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It was transported from state capital Nyala and kept with an accountant and two other people, he explained.

“The police has arrested the accountant and his other companions, in addition to the two guards who were working in the place where the robbery took place,” the officer said.

Militiamen attack market vendor

Militia elements attacked a currency dealer and his son inside the grand market of El Geneina, West Darfur, on Wednesday.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that four pro-government militiamen, wearing military uniforms, attacked a foreign currency dealer and his son with the purpose of robbing them of the currency stock. It included US Dollars, Chadian Francs, and Sudanese pounds. When the victim confronted its attackers, they opened fire on him and his son. They have been transferred to El Geneina hospital for treatment.