Government negotiating futures of prisoners in Darfur

El Fasher (16 Jan.) -

The numbers of prisoners and detainees held in the prisons of Darfur are reported to range between 381 and 400.

Sources said they are currently held in national and state prisons across Darfur and include fighters from various movements captured in battlefields, political prisoners and activists arrested in different villages and cities.

Abdullah Saleh, chairman of Legal Professionals Network said many members of the Sudan Liberation and Justice Movement were arrested.

However the government agreed to abolish the death penalty for LJM detainees who were transferred to Khartoum.

Tijani Sisse, chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority said in a press statement that the LJM agreed with the government to liberate LJM prisoners only.

The future of other detainees belonging to other movements and political parties is reportedly being negotiated.