FSD to survey roads in Sudan for WFP

News and Press Release
Originally published
Two FSD staff members have left Geneva to start with the recruitment and training of local deminers in Southern Sudan.
The FSD has conducted an initial assessment mission to Sudan in February 2003. The aim of this mission was to gather information on road/rail corridors that are mined, determine costs of de-mining and prepare a project proposal that would be used to approach donors to provide funds for de-mining and early access of priority road and rail routes.

The overall aim is the reduction in the overall costs related to the air movement of humanitarian supplies by facilitating the safe and efficient access to priority routes and the dissemination of this information to the local communities. The FSD therefore aims at the establishment of a national capacity to undertake ultimately the survey, clearance and verification of 4,000 kilometres of high priority routes in Sudan.

As WFP's stand-by mine action partner, the FSD has established and conducted integrated mine action activities in direct support of WFP in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and more recently Iraq. A broad range of activities is covered from planning, assessments, mine and UXO safety training, Survey and technical clearance operations. The primary aim of this innovative partnership is to ensure the safe and cost effective delivery of humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations.

For additional information, contact Naomi Bourne, FSD Project Manager for Sudan,