Foreign Minister affirms Sudan seriousness to solve Darfur issue and to complete peace process

Khartoum, June 6 (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Dr. Lam Akol, pointed out that Sudan is dealing seriously with Darfur issue, and giving it a top priority toward completing a peace process in the country. He made the affirmation at the international video conference of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Wednesday evening at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. SUNA has held the video conference in collaboration with the Information Department at Sudan Embassy in Washington. The Foreign Minister gave a review at the video conference on the efforts of the government for solution of Darfur issue. He referred to the recent peace agreements which the government has signed in Naivasha, Cairo, Abuja and Asmara. He said that the peace negotiations have been progressing well, but two of the three negotiating armed movements refused to sign the peace agreement, a matter which resulted in the continuity of war and emergence of other factions such as the National Redemption Front which adopts goals for aborting Darfur peace agreement and continuity of the fighting and hostilities. The minister referred to resolutions of the Security Council that gave negative signals to the armed movements in Darfur and motivated them to carry on in implementing their political goals. He said that the government signed on November 16 an agreement with the United Nations and the African dealing with the political aspect, and demanding adherence to the cease-fire and the implementation of the three aid packages for Darfur. Dr. Akol said that the government has signed the agreement on the three aid packages in response to proposals of the UN Secretary General, adding a difference appeared concerning the command of the hybrid and the number of the forces on the ground in Darfur. He said that the points of difference concerning the aid packages were solved in Abuja when an envoy was appointed and agreement was reached on dispatchment of a mission to evaluate the situation and the number of the forces that are due to be sent to Darfur. Dr. Akol pointed out that the Council of Ministers has approved the outcome of Addis Ababa talks which was ratified by the Security Council, a matter that proved the existence of international consensus on Darfur issue. He pointed to the Tripoli consensus which has drawn a road map for solution of Darfur issue, and called on the movements that did not sign Darfur peace agreement to join the peace process. The Foreign Minister stated that the Tripoli consensus has underscored that the important role of the neighbours of Sudan for convincing the other movements to sign Darfur peace agreement. MO/MO